Daikin Altherma low temperature split R410A

Energy Efficiency +++

Gets heat from outside the room and transfers it to the indoor unit. The complex is built in such a way that it allows you to set the desired temperature for each individual room.

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Item Description

Daikin Altherma is a unique heating / cooling system that operates on alternative, renewable energy sources. The exact power consumption depends on the model and configuration, but on average this is only about 1 kW. In return, Altherma provides 5 kW of heat per hour. The heat pump cuts down the heating costs by a factor of 5, and the larger the area, the more this saving is felt.

Fresh air

The amount of installed equipment allows you to calculate how much less CO2 was released into the atmosphere thanks to Daikin Altherma. If instead of it traditional sources of heat were used, to absorb carbon dioxide would need a forest, the size of 4 Paris.

Uninterrupted power production

Using alternative renewable resources, it was possible to produce 13,700 GWth of energy.

Reduction of air emissions

Daikin Altherma and the technology of gas condensing boilers helped to reduce emissions by 1.7 million tons.